Kitchen Table

image imageAlex want to make a table in the kitchen because when people eat at the same time we don’t have not to much space to eat and alex and I start with making the measurements so can you still opens ¬†cabinets then we did is the drawing of how is going to be then we got the materials and I paint the table white and we buy the ginches and put everything put together and now its finish and it work very well

Altitude Park with the ALC of NY

Llegamos al citio nos pusimos las banditas y las medias y dejamos las cosas en una mesa y empezamos a brincar y yo hice un monton de cosas q nunca habia hecho y estaba super brutal y pues jugamos dodge ball,fuimos al fome pit,and where are all the trampolins y yo le di un boost y todos las piernas les flaquiaban y no salian hacia arriba pero con la unica persona q salio fue con alex y en el fome pit hice:triple giro,doble moltar,triple moltar para alante,el suicida y brincar en el trampolin de la pared y dar vuertas hacia la fosa q es el fome pit.
Pero la pase super contodos mas q me odiaron por todas las cosas q yo hacia pero pues no puedo hacer nada jajaja?

Kitchen table

Alex came to me and said that he want to make a kitchen table and yesterday we did the design of how is going to be and we got a wood that alex found the closet and is the perfect size for the table and the foot table and when Ryan come we are goind to start the proyect with them and paint it and I think is going to be so cool.

Making videos for youtube

Nabori and I start it doing videos for youtube abd all started like nabori he buy a snowball microphone I don’t remember the name of it and then it came to us to make videos and the first video was he playing minecraft and then I put my account then we make another video the other day of him an I playing minecraft but we didn’t put that video on youtube. Now we are trying to use the face came for both of us but we didn’t do it because we nees the camera but we didn’t find the charge.



imageI showed Alex and Yineza a furnace that I wnat to do and they love that idea and now we are doing a list of all the things that we need and the first thing that we are going to do with th furnace am going to make the name ExAlt in aluminum,because we are going to melt cans and we get the aluminum from the cans,you can make a lot of thing with that.


image image imageLast week I was putting the motor the way is going to bebut is a little to the left and the chain tuch the suspension,so I need to cut a little of a metar to move the motor to the right and when thats done am going to pepboys something like that to get it a little short because is to long,then I need is to buy the pull start and then make the holes for the bolts that goes in the motor and the last thing is if the motor turn on and everything I made a new cable for the kill switch to turn of the motor and put a new button.




image image image imageIn Easter Spring brake with my cosin and one friend we did a ramp in a hill that we had another ramp there but they put dirt next to it and it does not work any more so we did the ramp to pass all of 2 hill and it work we where so freaking happy but then I went to get my phone to take picture that we really make it. When we finish with the ramp we hide the wood and everything we use.


Kung fu

Alex,Nabori and I we teach are self a little kunf fu for defens and we where ¬†practicing 2 differents move of getting the guy on the floor.We got pillows all over around the person that we are going to get him in the floor so he can’t get hurt because we where doing it to are self but when we finish I keeps waching videos of how to get out in keys that someone can make you or your brother and I now how to get some out of the keys and get someone to the floor and to punch if the guy is going to punch me.


I finally cut the metal so I can put the motor and now am going to focus on the motor to turn it on,what parts I need and if the motor work then am going to work on the frame to put on the motor and the chain correct etc. I buy on online the chain and the pull start because does are the things that I need.


Mini bike

imageMy step dad got me 2 mini bike and 1 is a electric and the other one is a pocket bike with a gasolin motor but the only thing that have is the frame,one wheel,the motor and brakes.The thing that I need to buy is the chain and the pulling start and friday y got something from the electric one off because I what to do is get the motro on the electric frame that has every thing and monday am going to work with that.